Manny Santiago

Sponsors: Fortune Skateboards, Ecko Unltd., Rockstar Energy, Grizzly Grip, Diamond Hardware, Ricta Wheels, Andale Bearings, SK8HOP, My Package, Braven Audio, Incipio
Board Size: 7.8''
Go to Trick: Heelflip but it's a toss up w/ nollie flip, front shuv, and varial heel
Hobbies Outside of Skateboarding: Laughing and creating but really boxing and building.
Top 3 Artists: Eminem, Frankie Ruiz, Drake.. but recently it's been non stop Logic!
Favorite Destination: Puerto Rico!
Life Goal: Create a space to give people opportunities, take Fortune to a place where we can travel the world and make good memories. Build my mom a house in Puerto Rico where she can live worry free and drink her cafe con leche!